It is not the easiest task to find the best espresso machine for your household. Each buyer will have their own personal preferences based on what they hope to get from the machine. However there are some things that can make the choice simpler for you when you go looking through the catalog of espresso machines out there. Espresso machines all work to perform the same duties but all come with different features and benefits.

What you use an espresso machine to make

An espresso machine can provide you with one of many beverages so they are very versatile. For a coffee lover you will be able to make your absolute favorites with your new espresso machine. You can use them to make the simple espresso shot which is just natural coffee, oftentimes unsweetened or the macchiato coffee which is just an addition of warm milk. If none of these works then we have the popular cappuccino that uses a little more milk than the macchiato or we have the mocha, which is just a cappuccino with some chocolate. Finally, you have the latte which has even more milk than the cappuccino and the mocha. These are the typical espresso mixes but if you want you can also try to have fun with the mixes in order to come up with new beverages that you may like.

What to Look For In an Espresso Machine

When looking for the best espresso machine, look at the ease of use. Some machines have simple one press mechanisms while others are more complicated. If ease of use is priority then shop around to find the perfect machine.

Look at the construction to see if it will be easy to clean. You will need to maintain the cleanliness of your machine. When it is built in a complicated with many features then this might end up being a difficult task for you.

Additionally, check how sturdy the unit is to know how durable it will be before buying. Consistent coffee making can burden the unit and have a negative result. Choose one that you know can stand the test of time and check your budget to ensure that you can cover the machine that you are buying without having to break the bank.

The Different Types Of Espresso Machines

You will have the manual espresso machines that require you to perform each step of the coffee making process. They have a lever to squeeze the coffee out. The good thing about this method is that you can create the coffee to your liking. However if you do not know what you are doing and don’t care for the extra work then it will not be suitable for you.

You also have the semi-automatic ones. With this you get to make your espresso using the desired ingredients but do not need to operate every aspect of the process. Most people see this as the best espresso machine type as they like to customize their coffee to their liking, but do not want excessive work.

The simplest of them all is the automatic appliances that perform the whole process for you from dispensing a specific amount of water to adding the mixture to it. This is perfectly fine for many people but not those who like to have their coffee a specific way.


Espresso machines are great for those who value a shot of coffee during the mornings or whenever suits their fancy. They are very convenient within the home. However, when you are choosing one to buy for this purpose, it is good to do this carefully. They come with different features and in different types ranging from manual to fully automatic. Ensure that you are made aware of all the features in order to get the best espresso machine to suit your desires. For more detail:

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