Finding the right gift to bring to a housewarming present is no easy task, leaving most people to simply turn up with either a bottle of wine or nothing at all.

While a bottle of wine is something, there are many other generic items which you can buy to take to a number of housewarming parties which will be sure to impress. Below are some great ideas to get you started.

Start with a gift voucher. Wait! Before you dismiss this idea as impersonal, purchase them a gift voucher for a house cleaning service. Once your hosts have set up their home, the last thing that they are going to want to do is to clean it. For this reason, speak with a local cleaning service and pre-pay for them to have their entire house thoroughly cleaned after they set everything up.

An empty vase. That’s right, empty. Why? Because you can bet that another guest will forget that the homeowners have recently moved in and haven’t had a chance to decorate, leaving them with a bunch of flowers and no vase to put them in. For this reason, bringing an empty vase to a housewarming party is not only a great gift, but it is immediately beneficial.

Even if the host is going to be providing food and drink, it never hurts to bring a little something extra to help out. After all, it’s likely that they will run out of food and refreshments or something may go wrong. Head to the Groupon Coupons page for Edible Arrangements and pick up a small gift basket which you can bring to the event. With this, the host has additional delicious treats to provide during the party.

A photo frame. Again, empty. Most guests bring a photo frame with a photo already in it as their gift. As sweet at this gift may be, the host doesn’t want to put up a picture of the two of you in their new home. For this reason, giving them an empty photo frame which they can fill themselves is a great way to help them start the decorating process as they desire.

Even if the host has a number of high-end dinnerware, there are going to be times when they just need to use cheaper alternatives or backups. Such as when something breaks or they are entertaining children. Your local homewares stores will have a good selection of relatively cheap dinner sets which you can buy. When you present it, however, be sure to remind the recipient that they are for backup purposes.

Last, but certainly not least, are bathrobes. Don’t worry about getting them embroidered. Instead, spend the money on giving them luxurious bathrobes which they can use to relax in their new home, including after the hectic party they will be hosting.

When it comes to attending a housewarming and bring a present, the key is to be as generic as possible and brings gifts which can either help the recipient or provide them with a blank slate to help them decorate their new home.

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